Collaged Cardboard Bilby

Cardboard BilbyBilbies are an animal often associated with Easter. This activity provides a great project starter for those wanting to steer away from the Easter Bunny iconography. The bilbies can be decorated with paint, paper, or drawing utensils.


Cardboard Bilby
Cobweb Paper

How to make a Collaged Cardboard Bilby

Step 1.
Cut strips of the metallic cobweb paper and trace the head shape.

Step 2.
Fringe these strips by cutting at small intervals.

Step 3.
Use a glue stick to adhere the paper to the cardboard template.

Extension Ideas

  • The cardboard bilbies provide a great surface for many decorating options. Collage papers, paint, draw, or use mixed media.
  • Add in some Impasto and etch into it with a skewer to give a more detailed, textural look. You can paint over this! Try the Kreul Acryl markers (make sure the impasto is dry first).