Chinese Dragon Inspired Mask

In this lesson students explore Chinese culture and how a dragon mask is used as a symbol of fortune and prosperity. Students will create their own dragon mask using foam sheets, paper, feathers and ribbon using layering and cutting techniques to create their piece.

Lesson 1

Students explore Chinese culture and their Dragon masks. Explain how during Chinese New Year many masks are worn but the most famous and important of them is the mask of the dragon. Discuss how these masks are used as a symbol of fortune and prosperity in Chinese culture. Look at examples of different dragon masks and discuss how they may be created using the colours red, gold and blue and decorated with feathers and fur. Students create a design for their own Chinese dragon by first drawing out their dragon on paper.

Lesson 2

Students begin the construction of their dragon. Using foam sheets students cut out the larger shapes of their dragon. Students work from their larger shapes to their smaller shapes including decorative papers to create detail for their work.

Lesson 3

Students use Supertac to construct their dragon mask. Students should construct their composition and begin by attaching layers together before creating their whole piece. Students can create more decorative elements to their work by adding feathers and ribbon.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Chinese Dragon Inspired Mask