Chalk Pastel Cityscape

In this lesson students explore shape and space to create a Chalk Pastel Cityscape. Students use paper to cut out the silhouette of different buildings. Using chalk pastels and starting from the bottom of a page students outline the cut outs and smudge the pastel. Students continue to repeat this process moving up the page.

Lesson 1

Students explore cityscapes and different photographs and representations of cities. Discuss the shapes which they can see and the way that light appears in the images.

Using a piece of card students cut small shapes emulating the shapes of buildings in cities. Students cut at least 3 different shapes pieces of card. Using a chalk pastel, students work from the bottom of their page and trace around the shape with their pastel smudging the colour. Students repeat this process creating buildings next to each other and on top of each other.

Once students have completed their page of buildings they can add lights to their city and stars to the sky to create detail.

What you’ll need:

Dry Pastels
Black Cover Paper

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Chalk Pastel Cityscape