Chair and Table

Term: 4 Year: 2009
Chair And Table 1
Chair And Table 11
Chair And Table 10
Chair And Table 9
Chair And Table 8
Chair And Table 7
Chair And Table 6
Chair And Table 5
Chair And Table 4
Chair And Table 3
Chair And Table 2

Level 4

·Exhibiting prints and pictures where chairs and tables had been used in art works as stimulation of discussion
and thought.

·Students developed their own design from observation sketching of chairs and tables.

·The design was transferred to A4 size box board. PVA was then applied to the pencil line design creating a raised
line and in turn to be used as a printing plate.

·Derivan block printing ink was used to produce a series of prints onto fabric and an assortment of papers including
Cover Paper and newspaper. On an A1 sheet the students experimented with prints that overlapped each other.

· Machine sewing was applied to the fabric print highlighting the design. This material was then stretched over card.

· Requiring the material print to be predominant, the students designed their own layout on black Cover paper
also incorporating the other prints.

Presbyterian Ladies College