Ceramic Lollies

Term: 4 Year: 2014

This Methodist Ladies College IB student's work focused around the investigation of the Pop Art movement. It is strongly influenced by the works of Claes Oldenburg and his food pieces.

She looked at fake food and other food items and investigated Liquorice Allsorts. She produced drawings and used colour to finish off these works.

It was suggested that she could slip cast them and we decided to make moulds so that we could replicate them. The student decided she would like to create a lolly shop and began to create other designs for her works inspired by various lolly formats.

Over a period of 8 weeks the student developed her work investigating the forms and designs she wanted to use on her work. She looked at the use of colour and pattern and how these were to be incorporated into her lolly forms. 

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Alma Took
Visual Arts Teacher
Methodist Ladies College
Suitable for level 10