Ceramic Appropriation

Term: 2 Year: 2016

Year 9 students from Mckinnon Secondary College were asked to refer to the art text – Art Detective by Michelle Stockley Chapter 4.2 New Art from Old. This chapter clearly defined the term appropriation so students understood this for the learning task.

They were then asked to find an image of an artwork they liked, print it out in colour and stick it in their visual diary.

They brainstormed some ideas in writing of how they would appropriate this chosen image into a ceramic piece.

They created sketches for 2-3 different ways they might make something from clay. They had a choice of a number of clay techniques such as slabs, coils, and use of moulds or cardboard cylinders to form their piece. Decorative techniques used were added clay, images incised with needle tool, and underglazes to colour and enhance the work.

AusVELS descriptors appropriate to this task at Level 9 were:

1. Creating and Making

2. Creative Thinking

Artwork provided by
Karen Levy
McKinnon Secondary College