Term: 4 Year: 2008
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During a three day artist in residence by Ballarat cartoonist Dave Gibb, all students of Tatura Primary School participated
in a cartooning workshop each day. 

Students were encouraged to draw their own cartoons rather than "copying" cartoons seen on television or in
comics. Dave demonstrated some of the practical skills and tips used by cartoonists that could easily be used by every
student. The students learnt about basic cartooning, animations and caricatures. 

The message to students was that a cartoon” is a simple drawing that tells a story”.

Following Dave’s hilarious visit, the students were highly engaged and motivated. They wouldn’t stop drawing!
All levels continued to build their skills, working through a series of related tasks.

At level 4 the students were given the task of depicting a character through cartooning, using paint, pastel and pencil.
In planning they made decisions about the gender, age, appearance and the mood of their character. Techniques such as clichés,
action lines and selective exaggeration, created personality within the character and helped to tell the story.
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