Cardboard Chalice

Cardboard ChaliceThese pre-cut templates provide a great base for all your religious themed projects. The decorating options are limitless.


Cardboard Chalices
Shimmer Glass Paint
Pearl Maker Pens 

How to make Cardboard Chalice

Step 1.
Sponge Shimmer paint onto the cardboard chalice to give it a textured finish.

Step 2.
The Shimmer paints provide a lovely metallic base with great coverage, upon which Pearl Maker Pens, Colour Slix, or markers can be used to decorate the Chalice to your own design. 

Extension Ideas

  • For more realistic results, use a range of the Shimmer paints by sponging them onto the cardboard, giving a tarnished brass look.
  • You could also paint or draw in text to elude to an inscription.