Cane and Tissue Fish

Term: 4 Year: 2008
Cane And Tissue Fish 8
Cane And Tissue Fish 7
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The Visual Arts program during term 2 was given the responsibility of making many wonderful props for our school production. 
The children in grade 4 created cane fish sculptures to enhance the prep children’s performance of a song from the
‘Little Mermaid’.


We spent time looking at different pictures and discussing the different features and shapes of fish before the children
began designing a cane fish sculpture.  Working with a partner, they children began to design a series of fish, taking
into consideration the materials that they would be using to complete the task.


  • Step 1   Children collected the materials of cane, masking tape and scissors and began creating their
    fish from their plan that they had previously made.
  • Step 2   The children began covering their fish sculpture with white tissue paper and painting it
    over with a mixture of PVA glue and water.  At least two layers of white tissue paper were placed over their fish. 
    It was important to allow time for each layer to dry properly before starting on another layer of paper.
  • Step 3   A final layer of coloured tissue paper was placed over each of the fish sculptures.


Children painted a layer of liquid glitter over their fish and used small glass mirror tiles to enhance the fish’s
eyes.  The children were given a variety of sequins to use to highlight particular areas of their fish and to add
further detail.

Nicole Jagoe
Visual Arts Teacher
Pakenham Consolidated School