Calico Flags

Term: 1 Year: 2011
Calico Flags 5
Calico Flags 4
Calico Flags 3
Calico Flags 2
Calico Flags 1
Calico Flags 17
Calico Flags 16
Calico Flags 15
Calico Flags 14
Calico Flags 13
Calico Flags 12
Calico Flags 11
Calico Flags 10
Calico Flags 9
Calico Flags 8
Calico Flags 7
Calico Flags 6

Indian textile design and motifs were central to the development of these circular flag designs.

We explored the shapes and patterns used in Indian fabrics as well as the extensive colour range and use of
reflective sequins in Indian saris.

The activity enabled the students to draw on and extend their knowledge of shape and line to create highly
detailed and effective designs. They loved experimenting with the food dye, painting directly onto the fabric with
paint brushes to achieve interesting effects.

Each design was developed around a pre- traced 20cm circle in the middle of the calico flag.


•use fluorescent pastels to create a repeated line pattern on both the inside and outside  of pre-drawn
•using red food dye, paint a small circle in the middle of the pre- drawn circle
•use yellow
food dye to paint around the red circle, allowing colours to merge and bleed
•using fluorescent pastels,
extend the design so that it radiates outwards towards the edge of the flag
•use blue and green food dye to
paint extended design, alternating colours to achieve the greatest effect
•embellish design with felt scraps
and diamond shaped sequins

Francine Combes
Visual Art Teacher
Wheelers Hill Primary School
Suitable for Level 1