Bush Fires

Term: 3 Year: 2009
Bush Fires 2009 3
Bush Fires 2009 2
Bush Fires 2009 1
Bush Fires 2009 9
Bush Fires 2009 8
Bush Fires 2009 7
Bush Fires 2009 6
Bush Fires 2009 5
Bush Fires 2009 4

During term one, senior students responded to events occurring around them when they created these artworks as part of their studies about Natural Disasters.

Most children painted backgrounds, with foregrounds created from their choice of paint, charcoal, chalk and soft pastels. Some used charcoal exclusively.

The varied stimuli which surrounded them during this turbulent period resulted in some powerful, telling depictions recording the students impressions of ‘Black Saturday’, a major natural occurrence in the history of our State.

Lillian Triffett Walsh
Art Teacher and Arts Curriculum Coordinator
Healesville Primary School