Fred Williams Inspired Bush Fire Paintings

Term: 2 Year: 2009
Bush Fires 1
Bush Fires 12
Bush Fires 11
Bush Fires 10
Bush Fires 9
Bush Fires 8
Bush Fires 7
Bush Fires 6
Bush Fires 5
Bush Fires 4
Bush Fires 3
Bush Fires 2

The students looked at the work of Australian painter Fred Williams. We discussed his style and brainstormed ways he may used to achieve his paintings e.g. brushes, hands/fingers, sticks and card board cuts.

The students looked at photos of the destruction of the bush after the recent bushfires in Victoria. Using both of these as our influence the students created these beautiful and moving art pieces.

How to

  • Soft pastels chalk for the back ground. Students chose warm colours.
  • Black paint on plates poured on to house hold sponges
  • Used sides of hands, finger tips, cuts of cardboard, cork ends, sticks etc to make trees / landscape.
  • Had white paint on sponges on one table for them to dab lightly when they had finished … to create ash and smoke effects.
  • The students coloured the page first with soft pastels, choosing fiery colours.
  • Using sides of hands, finger tips and cardboard cuts the students painted / printed burnt out trees/ landscape.
  • Students dipped cardboard etc. into household sponges that were on plates and were soaked in black paint.
  • One central table had white paint on house hold sponges.  Students used this at the end of session, to create a smoky ash effect.

The students were very proud of these paintings. When they were displayed there were many discussions by students and parents about how emotive and beautiful they were.

Level 4

Val Landewee
Visual Art Teacher
Richmond West Primary School