Bush Collage & Panorama

Term: 4 Year: 2008
Bush Collage Panorama 8
Bush Collage Panorama 7
Bush Collage Panorama 6
Bush Collage Panorama 5
Bush Collage Panorama 4
Bush Collage Panorama 3
Bush Collage Panorama 2
Bush Collage Panorama 1
Bush Collage Panorama 11
Bush Collage Panorama 10
Bush Collage Panorama 9

Bush Collage

Our students observed trees and noted the particular characteristics of our native trees. We sketched, collected
samples of the different parts of trees, took photographs and we discussed how famous artists over time have portrayed
the Australian bush. We loved the fantastic texture and shape of our native trees.

To achieve texture we dabbled in sponge painting and we laboured over how to give the foliage a 3D effect.  We
collected various types of bark, dirt and sticks.

Our final piece combined all of the above skills. When we placed all our trees together we found that we had created
a unique bush scene.

In all our units of work we have discussed the impact of correct use of

We searched the Internet for pictures that displayed great use of perspective particularly in the form of cartooning.

As a class we viewed a selection of Australian landscapes and noted all the tricks that artists use to create realistic scenes. 
We selected one painting and displayed it using the Interactive Electronic Whiteboard. Having discussed all the lines and
features that assisted perspective, we marked in the lines that allow the eye to travel over the page and create the illusion
of distance.  Then we switched off the data show and we were left with perspective lines.

We had so much fun creating our landscapes with oil pastels and Mungyo pastels or a combination of both.

Feel free to enter our world!!!!!!!!

Veronica Buick
Our Holy Redeemer School Surrey Hills