Bunny Puppet

A fun and easy Easter activity, see how much character you can give each Bunny Puppet by adding just a few simple features!


Paper Plate 15cm
Cotton balls
Cotton Filters
Chenille stems
Joggle Eyes
Cardboard Square
Fairy Floss Stick

How to make a Bunny Puppet

Step 1
Cover a Paper Plate with Supertac.

Step 2
Arrange the Cotton Balls over Paper Plate.

Step 3
Cut two ears from a Cardboard Square.

Step 4
Cut the inside of the ears out from felt. Glue these to the cardboard ears.

Step 5
Glue Cotton Balls around the edge of the ears.

Step 6
Glue the ears to the head of the bunny.

Step 7
Add joggle eyes and a felt nose to the face of the bunny.

Step 8
Glue Cotton Filters to the head for the whiskers

Step 9
Shape a Chenille Stem for the mouth.

Step 10
Glue the Fairy Floss stick to the back of the head to make the puppet.