Term: 2 Year: 2007

Bowls 13
Bowls 12
Bowls 11
Bowls 10
Bowls 9
Bowls 8
Bowls 7
Bowls 6
Bowls 5
Bowls 4
Bowls 3
Bowls 2
Bowls 1
Bowls 18
Bowls 17
Bowls 16
Bowls 15
Bowls 14

  • To begin with the students explored the possibilities and limitations of the Paper Magiclay. They worked with
    dry and wet Paper Magiclay.
  • They coloured it, painted it, drew on it, embossed it, sewed into to it,  and added to it.
  • The samples were displayed for the students to refer to throughout the process.
  • The students then designed their bowls and stands.
  • Small balls from the sports shed were wrapped with gladwrap and the Paper Magiclay was moulded around the ball.
  • The students were guided by their designs as they worked on their bowl.
  • Their stands were constructed using either armature wire or found twigs.
  • The stands were connected to the bowl using hot glue.


Trafalgar Primary School