Blown Eggs

Create a whole collection of beautifully decorated Easter Eggs using real egg shells! Learn how to make Blown Eggs the decorate these delicate canvases as desired. An ideal activity for Easter – eggs can be displayed around the classroom or stored safely in an egg carton.


Darning needle
Materials to decorate

How to make Blown Eggs

Step 1
Hold an egg firmly and pierce a hole in each end of the egg with a darning needle. Make one hole larger than the other.

Step 2
Poke the needle through the larger hole to break the yolk, stir the contents.

Step 3
Hold the egg over a bowl and blow into the small hole to force the contents out of the larger hole.

Step 4
To clean the inside of the eggshell, squirt or run cold water through it a few times and shake gently. Blow the water out.

Step 5
Let the eggs drain in a dish rack, for a few days to dry completely.  After the egg has dried, it is ready to decorate.

How to Decorate Blown Eggs

Liquid Glitter
Paint the eggshell with gold paint and when dry draw on a design with Liquid Glitter.
Paint the eggshell with ink and when dry cover the egg with dots of Liquid Glitter.

Gold Leaf
Paint an egg with ink, food dye or paint and when dry cover some areas of the surface with a light PVA coating.
Allow to dry to a tacky state and then apply the gold leaf.
Keep it between two sheets of paper to protect it.
When applying, use a tiny paintbrush to gently pull pieces off, then apply to the tacky areas.

Crayon Resist
Use a crayon to create lines, swirls or patterns over the surface of the egg or just at the top and bottom of the egg.
Use ink to colour the egg surface and the lines will show through.

Decorative Paper
Cut thin strips of coloured paper such as Beautex and use PVA to glue these strips over the egg,
radiating from the bottom of the egg to the top until the egg is covered in paper.
Use a Metallic Marker to cover the shape in gold pattern.

Tissue Paper
Tear thin strips of Tissue Paper and use watered down PVA to glue these strips over the egg,
radiating from the bottom of the egg to the top until the egg is covered in paper.
Add radiating lines of Liquid Glitter from top to bottom outlining the different coloured Tissue Paper.

Metallic Marker
Paint an egg with ink, Shimmer Paint or Fluorescent Paint and set aside to dry.
Use a metallic marker to draw on a pattern of lines or shapes.

Shimmer Paint and Glitter
Use a fine brush to paint a design on to the egg with Shimmer Paint.
When dry add dots of Liquid Glitter around the design.

Wave Tissue
Tear small pieces of Wave Tissue and glue them onto the egg with watered down PVA, leave some of the egg colour showing.
Cover the egg with watered down PVA and sprinkle a light coat of Glitter over the wet PVA, set aside to dry.

Finishing Touches

Thread a double length of gold or silver thread through the egg and use clear tape to secure the thread at the bottom of the egg. Use this thread to hang your decorated egg.