Birds, Prints and Ceramic

Term: 1 Year: 2008

Birds Prints And Ceramic 8
Birds Prints And Ceramic 7
Birds Prints And Ceramic 6
Birds Prints And Ceramic 5
Birds Prints And Ceramic 4
Birds Prints And Ceramic 3
Birds Prints And Ceramic 2
Birds Prints And Ceramic 1
Birds Prints And Ceramic 10
Birds Prints And Ceramic 9

Suitable for Levels 1 -4

The students from Prep to Year 6 at Caulfield Grammar School, Malvern Campus were fortunate to work with Artist in
Residence Narelle Oliver, an award winning author and illustrator of children’s books.

Narelle’s books have been inspired by natural environments and some feature birds. This was a perfect subject
to base our unit of work on and learn more about print making.

Narelle showed the students some of her lino-cuts and a current work in progress. The students had already sketched
various birds and were ready to reproduce their drawings. Narelle introduced the students to various printmaking
techniques that did not require cutting tools.

The students from years 3-6 etched their designs into white-lino squares using a biro, while the Prep – 2 students
used Zart Printing Foam, which was easier to work with.

The result from both methods was most successful and all students produced amazing mono-prints. Narelle was extremely
impressed with the results and the students are proud to display their art work.

Suitable for Level 3

These magnificent clay-birds were designed and constructed by the Year Four students from Caulfield Grammar School,
Malvern Campus.

The students hand-built their designs using earthenware clay and carefully painted them with glazes from the Zart
Art Glaze & Colour kit.

This was an enjoyable project for all students, from the original design drawings, to the successful outcome, which
the students are proud to display.

Mrs Sue McDonald
Art Teacher
Caulfield Grammar School
Malvern Campus