Bird’s Eye View

Term: 2 Year: 2012

The landscape art works were based on the theme A Bird’s Eye View. The students were shown a variety of aerial photographs of the earth, including island, alpine, farming and desert landscapes. 

Using these photographs as inspiration, they were asked to select one photograph to recreate in a three dimensional art work.   They began by scrunching up newspaper and moulding it to form different shapes, which were later covered with Sculpt It.  These shapes became the foundation for their art work.

Students were asked to paint their landscapes as close to the original colours in the photographs.  Careful consideration was given to the shades and tones of colours that could be seen in the aerial photographs.  The students were given a broad range of art materials to make finishing touches to their works and they were quite inventive when it came to creating structures or land forms.

The students used Magiclay to make a bird flying over the landscape and once again consideration was given to the colour and shape of their bird.

St Bernadette's School
Suitable for Level 4