Term: 2 Year: 2011
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The Year Five Students at Buckley House produced these beautifully, vivid seascapes.

The inspiration came from a collaborative unit of work that the entire school was working on through the year-
“The Sea”.  Many projects were based around this theme and exhibited in our annual Art Show.

We began this project by looking at many photographs of seascapes and discussing holidays at the beach. The
students were then asked to sketch one of the photographs of the beaches.

We discussed the importance of the horizon line in the painting and that it needed to be very definite to divide
the sky and the sea or the land. Perfecting the horizon proved to be one of the most challenging techniques in this

A focus for this project was to blend colours that were consistent with the colours of the sand and the sea. I
taught them methods to mix colours and develop tones. The students spent a great deal of time experimenting with this
until they had created a colour they were happy with. Much discussion took place here as they helped one another to
create particular shades and tones.

Students also developed skills in applying paint using various brush strokes including streaks, stipple and
dabbing brush strokes. Some students used palette knives to create a textured effect.

The students have captured mood and feeling in their work, whether it be a rough and rugged ocean or the calm and
stillness of the bay.  Their enthusiasm and enjoyment are clearly represented in these paintings.

Kym Leon
Primary Art Specialist
Buckley House
Ivanhoe Grammar School
Suitable for Level 5