Barbie Dolls – Re-envisioned Famous Paintings

Term: 2 Year: 2019

Students self-selected iconic images from art history and set about recreating the scene in 3D using modified Barbie and Ken dolls

After researching information about the artist, the art movement and the painting itself, students employed critical and creative thinking skills to reform the dolls and match the aesthetics of their chosen artworks.

Students had to resolve postures and gestures by coming up with various joining solutions. They created textures with impasto mediums and air-dry clay. They trailed colour matches and found creative ways to make dress patterns to recreate and assemble clothing. They sourced found objects and recreated environments and landscapes.

The students were highly engaged and really enjoyed this project from start to finish. I had fun teaching this unit and am happy for the students to have achieved such great outcomes.
Year 10
Epping Secondary College, Epping