Australiana Costume

Australiana Costume

Hand-dyed silk habutai creates a unique starting point for an Australian themed costume. Choose colours of the outback, you will require 2.5m of silk. Follow basic pattern directions to complete the tunic style costume. Beautiful embellishments can be stitched onto the costume.


Habutai Silk
Landscape Dyes (These are a hot water dye – which need to be brought up to the boil – the landscape dyes are all pre-mixed (this means no extra additives are required).
Guinea Fowl Feathers
Dye Paper

How to make an Australiana Costume

Step 1
Dye approximately 2.5 m of Habutai Silk with the chosen Landscape Dye colours. 100g dye will dye 1 kilo of dry fi bre to full shade.

Step 2
Cut off a 25 cm strip for the sash.

Step 3
Fold the remaining length of dyed Silk in half with the fold at the top. Cut a slit up the front of this folded fabric up to the neck line and cut a semi circle up to the fold. This is the basic costume shape.

Step 4
Sew down the side seams allowing a space for the arms to go through.

Step 5
Create paper rosettes with Dye Paper, Felt and Eyelets to attach to the costume. Add leaves, twigs and feathers to create a decorative costume.

Step 6
Decorate the sash with Dyed Paper, feathers, leaves and felted pieces of fabric.

Step 7
Fold some of the silk sash in the middle of this length and sew in pleats to add shape to the sash when tied around the costume.

Australiana Backdrop


Backdrop Board
Chromacryl Paint

How to make an Australiana Backdrop

1. Paint a Backdrop Board with the colours of the Australian outback.
2. Use the side of a piece of cardboard dipped into black paint and print the silhouettes of trees into the scene.

Extension Ideas

Make a necklace by wiring gum nuts together using 1.5mm Armature Wire. Other types of jewellery and brooches to adorn the costume might be made from twigs and other seed pods found in gardens and dried petals from fl owers such as roses.