Artist Inspired Self-Portraits (Vincent Van Gogh)

Term: 4 Year: 2018

Statement of inquiry: When we explore other artists, we can innovatively create our own personal expressions by making connections with their work.

During this task students:
Learned about the proportions of the human face and drew these in their workbook.
Drew a self-portrait using their knowledge of facial proportions.
Investigated the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh wrote about the artwork.
Applied their learning about the arts elements and principles.
Completed a colour wheel
Develop a design for Van Gogh style self portrait
Applied creative thinking skills and generated novel ideas considering new perspectives
Develop thumbnail designs for self portrait
Create a self-portrait in paint which displayed a strong connection to the artist.

Provided feedback between peers and evaluated their own artwork in their workbook. Students were prompted to consider:
Did it respond to the aim of the unit including the concepts taught?
What were your difficulties?
What would you change?
What did you learn?

Year 7
Mount Scopus Memorial College – Gandel Campus, Burwood