Artist Books

Term: 2 Year: 2008

Artist Books 8
Artist Books 7
Artist Books 6
Artist Books 5
Artist Books 4
Artist Books 3
Artist Books 2
Artist Books 1
Artist Books 10
Artist Books 9

Students created Artist Books to display their exploration of art elements, line, shape and colour.

The Artist Books were also made to store the student’s art work and their collections of printed pictures,
photographs, and inspirational writing.

The students at Trafalgar Primary School are interested in using the concept of ‘Artist Books’ to store
their spelling words, to display their story writing and to present their projects.

Materials Used:

  • Mountboard Tags
  • A4 Cover Paper
  • White pencils
  • Photocopy of body organs
  • African, Oriental, Global Village
  • Middle East and Oriental Decorative Papers.
  • Beautex Paper
  • Buttons
  • Ribbon

Trafalgar Primary School
Suitable for Levels 3 & 4