Art Cityscapes

Term: 3 Year: 2011
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To introduce the topic to the class, we looked at photographs and paintings of cities. We discussed who lived in
them, what goes on in cities, transport, tourism and what sort of things you expect to see.

The children were asked to do a grey lead drawing of a city. They did this without any guidance from me as I was
interested to see what they could do before I influenced them.


Step 1

The students were asked to paint warm coloured building shapes across the page leaving room for a road in front.

Step 2

The students were asked to paint cool coloured buildings behind the warm coloured building to create depth. Brush
strokes were to be kept smooth, but not perfect.

Step 3

Using a different technique to paint the sky, the students were asked to create a grey stormy sky. I did this for
several reasons but the main one was to break the habit of a blue sky with the sun in the corner. The other reason
was to experiment with technique.

For the sky we changed paints, the students were given liquid watercolour and we used white, black and navy. The
sky area was painted with water first and the students were asked to make it quite wet. Then they carefully blobbed
the watercolour onto the wet paper and watched it spread [they loved this]. They played around with the paint and
water being careful not to over work it and tear the paper.

Step 4

When the work was dry we discussed window shapes and decided that as windows got further away they were smaller
and windows which were closer were larger.

We also talked about ‘shadow people’ and that we would be drawing in a silhouette style.

The shadow people were explained on the board and several students got up and had a practice on the board. We did
dogs on leads having poohs, people sitting at cafes, babies, women, men and children. The students really loved the
silhouette style.

The students were given two lessons to do all this pen detail.

The students were allowed to draw anything that they would see in the city.
Streetlights, helicopters, cars,
buses, people, cranes, bikes, etc.

If the students wanted to and time allowed, they could colour their vehicles in colour pencils to bring out the
detail. We were going to use watercolour pencils so the students kept in the watercolour theme but we ran out of time
as this work took a whole term, as the children have one art lesson a fortnight.


The students stand in front of the class and we critique each work together. The students love this and it gives
them an art language and helps them understand what makes a successful piece of art. It also gives them a chance to
reflect and exhibit.

On the board we write all the goals and expectations of the artwork. If the student has achieved all the goals
they pass at a C grade.

Then we discuss the ‘wow factor’. Students receive extra points for creativity, unique
ideas/individualism, skills and techniques and they can push their mark right up to an A+.

We talk about how to critique people, opinions, valid comments and speaking the truth. We discuss feelings,
positives and negatives. This helps the students’ confidence and continual understanding of visual arts. Also
students who excel in art critiquing can receive bonus marks.

I was delighted with the outcomes of the students’ artwork. The students being grade 2 Level were very
focused and dedicated to the subject and their work. They enjoy their art class and work happily to popular music.

When I asked the students how they felt about their art they told me they were proud and it was the best thing
they ever did. They loved the city theme and the different techniques used to create one picture.

They were also super excited to show their work at the Zart Art gallery and felt that this was a huge privilege.

Kylie Wickham
Visual Art Teacher
Cranbourne West Primary School
Suitable for Levels 2 & 3