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Term: 1 Year: 2006

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Where in the World is Old Tom?

 A Postcard from………

Level 4

  • Students had a visit and workshop from author/illustrator "Leigh Hobbs".
  • The children's task integrated Art and Literacy for our annual Bookfest celebrating the students'
    own Reading and Writing.
  • We spent time reading and discussing Leigh's character "old Tom" and books such as "Old
    Tom Goes on Holiday".
  • Students used Zart Magiclay to create their own models of Old Tom in "action poses".
  • Children created illustrations of "a place in the world" Old Tom may have visited on his travels.
  • These illustrations were painted with food dyes and outlined with fine black markers.
  • Old Tom was added to the illustration in "action poses".

Level 3

  • Students used food dye and fine black markers in their illustrations of "Old Tom" or "Horrible
  • Then they collaged sections of their illustrations with black cover paper in contrast to the food dyes.


  • Students decided who he was writing to and then wrote from the place illustrated on their "postcard".
  • In their Literacy classes, children created "letters from Old Tom".

The Sea

Level 2

  • Students studied "The Sea" in their classrooms.
  • Their Visual art unit, "Mermaids and Pirates" integrated Visual art and Literacy.
  • In Art children explored the topic through resource books, pictures and the works of varoius artists.
  • Students designed their own pirate or mermaid characters.
  • We discussed facial features, adding hair, moustaches, beards, plaits, headgear such as bandannas, scarves,
    hats, crowns, ribbons etc to further enhance the charcters students had chosen to create.
  • Students stuffed stocking pieces for heads.
  • We discussed the fact that each "character" would be different, so not to worry if head shapes
    varied or facial features were quite pronounced ie noses – (which they could in fact, plan for).
  • Stockings were tied at the back of the "heads" in a knot.
  • Students stitched their faces, pinching out from the heads to further emphasise features.
  • Pirate heads were coloured if students wished with dry pastels and/or charcoal.
  • Hair, beards, moustaches were added using wool tops.
  • Mermaids were further enhanced with strips of shredded fairy foil.
  • The heads were glued into position onto firm card with Supertac.
  • Clothing was collaged – using fabric scraps or papers.
  • Discussion and attention to the finer details such as belts, pockets, boots, buckles and props in the
    characters hands or in the background was encouraged.
  • Finally students created "frames" for their characters using cover paper and various specialty

Making Links – Integrating Visual Art and Literacy

  • Students did rough drafts of "WANTED" posters for their character in the first art session.
  • This was taken back to their classes and continued with.
  • Students typed their final drafts and parents assisted burning edges to create the aged effect.

Aspendale Gardens Primary School