Arabian Cities

Term: 2 Year: 2012

Reference “The Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas”
Using a starting point > Domed Buildings, page 154.

•Introduction to the subject included a discussion on the art element of shape and the simplicity of joining shapes together to create a cityscape.
•Using different rectangles, thicknesses, heights and layering to create a view of a city.
•Students were then asked to ‘dome’ some of the buildings and to place windows/doors of different shapes on the building to create variety. This was all completed carefully in grey lead.
•Using metallic oil pastels the students were asked to block in all their buildings and this took a great deal of time as I had asked students to colour carefully and leave no white paper showing through.
•The students were allowed to choose any background colour from the metallic pastel range or black.
•Using Kindy Glitz the students carefully applied small dots to create a starry night effect.
•Assessment, the students work is assessed as a class. Each child stands up with their work and the class gives the student negative and positive feedback. We discuss personal opinions and whether goals were met, skills, techniques and originality. This in turn gives the students an art language and I find that the students gain confidence and really enjoy this time. Students can also score bonus marks for excellent critiquing and correct use of art terminology.
•Display, The completed pictures were hung in a single horizontal row so it looked like one big long city, very effective.

Kylie Wickham
Visual Arts
Cranbourne West Primary School