Animal Drawings

Term: 1 Year: 2014

Animal Drawings featuring the Artwork of American Pattern & Line Artist; Carrie Dietrich

This Unit Of Work aimed to develop students skill with two elements of Art; Pattern and Line.

The task was to create an animal mask that is completely decorated with pattern and line using fine and medium point marker pens, in the style of pattern and line artist, Carrie Dietrich.

Work Requirements:

-Create Unit Heading and border that reflects the elements of Pattern and Line.

-Paste in your Design Brief, Rubric and resource material

-Scan the QR Code using the IPad and watch the linked video

-Using a drawing App, create your own patterned Egg.

-Complete a page of pattern and line designs (at least 8) that you will use in your artwork.

-Add to your glossary of Art Terms and Metalanguage on the IPad.

-Create a photographic record of the development of your work using the IPad.

-Create a template of your mask, divide it into sections and show which patterns will be used in each section

-Create your authentic patterned mask artwork

-Complete a metacognition exercise using Pages on your IPad

-Complete your Self Evaluation Exercise using PDF Expert

Haileybury, Brighton
Suitable forĀ 
AusVELSĀ level 5