Alice in Wonderland

Term: 3 Year: 2007
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Alice In Wonderland 1
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Alice In Wonderland 3

Teapots, cups and flowers are flying around Thomastown West Primary, since the students have completed a study
of Charles Blackman’s fabulous series of artworks, based on “Alice In Wonderland”.

How To:

Everyone was captivated and intrigued to discover the history behind Lewis Carroll’s famous children’s
tale, as well as Blackman’s fascinating life story. They were enchanted by the imagery in his paintings,
and how they related to his personal situation. The students really empathised with Barbara Blackman’s
disability whenever they looked at Alice’s large, penetrating eyes.

While the focus extended across the school, the Grade 3-4 students worked on large A1 paintings relating to the
‘mad’ tea party. Discussion revolved around “Surrealism”, the use of iconic imagery
and the sheer wonder of ‘anything being possible’.

They explored different paint mediums, tools and techniques, such as experimenting with tints and overlaying
colours. While Chromatemp was used to create a background, the subject matter was painted separately using
Ocaldo Blocks. These pieces were then collaged on to the background, after discussing balance and composition.
Various aspects were then highlighted with pastel.

The students were absolutely thrilled with their mounted work. It is a real delight to enter the school, and
be confronted by such a riot of colour and tea party madness!

Margot Sheean
Thomastown West Primary