Aerial Landscapes

Term: 1 Year: 2006

Aerial Landscapes 4
Aerial Landscapes 3
Aerial Landscapes 2
Aerial Landscapes 1
Aerial Landscapes 5

With the focus on landscapes and inspired by aerial photographs, students have created a large, visually striking
piece that reflects the diversity of colour and texture within the Australian Landscape.

Grade 3

  • We discussed aerial or birds eye views of landscapes and the diversity of tone, texture and pattern.
  • In order to achieve contrast within the collaged piece, students painted 2 warm and 2 cool coloured, highly
    patterned line pieces on A4 paper using Ocaldo water blocks.
  • Students then looked at aerial pictures that have a stream or waterway running through it and we discussed
    the different colours of the land and the different river patterns.
  • Students then drew the rivers on cartridge paper, tore up their cool line colour paper and an assortment
    of cool plain and PVA glued them along the rivers edge.
  • The remaining areas are then filled with warm coloured papers, both pattern and plain.
  • The river section was made by pouring and spreading PVA glue with a ight dust of blue food dye.

Brentwood Park Primary School