Abstract Art

Term: 4 Year: 2011
Abstract Art 2011 2
Abstract Art 2011 1
Abstract Art 2011 5
Abstract Art 2011 4
Abstract Art 2011 3

The aim of this project was for students to create an ‘Indigenous Abstract’ painting. We looked at the
artwork of numerous Indigenous Artists, in particular Bronwyn Bancroft. Bronwyn is the author of the picture
storybook ‘Why I Love Australia’ which was the inspiration behind this project. We read a range of
Bronwyn’s beautiful picture storybooks to allow the children to develop an appreciation and understanding of
the patterns, colours and style of her work. We also discussed the traditional styles and patterns used in Indigenous

The students were asked to design a piece that included 3 design features; shape, line and colour.

Students were able to choose from a wide range of colours, paintbrushes and painting tools such as cotton filters
and cotton buds to create their work. We discussed the use of complementary colours and traditional colours found in
nature. Students we’re encouraged to use a range of painting techniques when applying paint to achieve a range
of effects, patterns and lines. 

The first step was for the students to choose a shape as their main feature. The shape was painting using 3
colours and then repeated over their page. The next step was to paint the background using a complementary colour or
a colour of their choice. The final step was to add lines and patterns to both the shapes and background.

Lucy Mackinnon
Ascot Vale Primary School
Suitable for Levels 1 & 2