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This exhibition show-cases the artworks by a group of approximately 10 “Young Artists” who meet once a
week at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre to undertake art and craft lessons with Box Hill artist and community arts worker,
Sandy Angliss.

The “Young Artists” range from 5 years of age to about 10 years of age. They are a lively, happy group of
children who are part of the Whitehorse Home Educators group of parents and guardians who home-school their children.

The Young Artists looked at abstract artworks and discussed qualities of abstract art such as the wildly patterned artworks
of British artist Bridget Riley. Then the children compared abstract artworks to paintings that had more representational
imagery e.g. paintings with people and houses, such as the artworks by Marc Chagall.

These abstract mixed-media artworks were created using oil pastels and gouache paints on Cartridge Paper. The children
drew around their hand to get started and then drew patterns and shapes into their design.

Through this lesson in abstraction the “Young Artists” learnt about shape, colour, pattern, composition,
colour mixing and brush handling techniques.
Young Artists Whitehorse Home Educators