5pm Collins Street

Term: 1 Year: 2013

Linking with the inquiry unit of “Where we are in Place and Time” the Year Two students analysed and discussed John Brack’s iconic “5pm Collins Street”.  This was a very fitting example when considering the people and places of a city giving it an identity. 

The students were introduced to drawing using contour lines with a felt tipped pen.  The lines in the characters of John Brack’s work were an excellent area to start as we discussed the spaces between lines, the angles with reference to the clock dial and the simplicity of the lines.  Water soluble pencils were then applied using a blending technique with only a few colours.  The children were amazed at how many tones of a similar colour could be created with such a limited palette.  Diluted Vipond paint in ochre was worked into the drawings giving them a sheen, and once compiled and glued into place, a coating of Zart Supergloss was applied for permanency and effect.  Students who were ahead in their work were given the job of creating parts of the buildings with pencil drawn lines onto calico followed by some handy paint work and an outline using a fineline pen.

These singular drawings became an integral part of the collaborative project, with all children’s work (from three classes) included in the final appropriated images of “5pm Collins Street”.

And what a success it is – Brack’s caricatured folk have become even more caricatured!

Petra Glaser
Visual Art Teacher
Cranbourne Carlise Primary School
Suitable for level 2