5 Simple Christmas Card Making Ideas

As the year comes to an end, reports are written, holidays are around the corner and the one thing on student’s minds is CHRISTMAS!

We know that many teachers love to include Christmas activities at the end of the year when things are starting to wind down. However, with limited time and a limited budget (or no budget left at all!), it can be hard to find fun and effective activities for your students.

Therefore, we have put together some of our favourite Christmas card activities which won’t break the bank and will engage your students with stunning results.

1. 3D Christmas tree card

Nothing left in your store room but some paper and glue? No problem! This Christmas card is not only simple to make but can be done with limited resources.


This card is also a great lesson in symmetry. Want to extend the activity? Students can make their own decorative papers by using paints, pastels or markers and then cut them out to use as their finished design. Encourage students to try a variety of different shapes. Stars and baubles also make a great finished piece.


2. Foam print baubles

A mess free printing activity? Yes, it is possible! This card uses foam sheets and water-soluble markers to make prints for your card.


This is a safe and simple activity which can teach your students about print making techniques. To extend the activity students can make multiple prints and use different colour combinations. Students could also work on a collaborative piece as a classroom display once they have completed their cards.
Short on budget? Cut the foam into small pieces (1 A4 sheet could be divided into 8) and ask the students to create a design which can be repeated multiple times on the 1 card.




3. Transparency and Sequins

Our next card looks amazing and is very easy to make. By using sheets of transparency film and sequins students can create this interactive card.


Cards with pre-cut designs are available to buy. Higher level students could use Stanley knives to create their own unique designs gaining inspiration from silhouettes. This allows students more opportunities to be creative. Different colours or pattern work could also be added to the card itself to extend the activity by using watercolour paints or oil pastels.




4. Washi Tape (Bad) Sweaters

Who doesn’t adore a bad Christmas sweater? This card is very cute and simple to make. Paper collage skills and washi tape is all you need for our next activity.


This activity can be adapted to a wide variety of animals. Encourage the students to think creatively and design a variety of different animals they can use. This activity can be extended by adding more embellishments to the sweater such as sequins, buttons, wool, etc.




5. Threaded card

Another cost-effective activity with amazing results. This card will help to teach your students how to sew or enhance their abilities.


There are many different designs which can be adapted to suit this technique from snowflakes to stockings to candy canes. Encourage students to push themselves in creating unique designs and using a variety of colour combinations.


Whether you are looking for quick activities or work which can be related back to art making techniques, these cards can be adapted to suit a variety of ability levels and fit within your planning. These cards make for a great gift which students will be proud to show their parents.