‘Jean Arp’ 3D Rust Sculptures

Term: 2 Year: 2014

St Bedes College took their inspiration from contemporary sculptors such as Jean Arp in designing and producing these freestanding, rusty-looking pieces.


To research (and be inspired by) contemporary sculptors such as Jean Arp and Alexander Calder & create a table sculpture.


Contemporary sculptors
Metal/Rust Sculpture images
Geometric styler sculptures

Foam core board
Foam balls
Flexible white cardboard
Craft stencil knives
Hot glue gun
White acrylic paint
Langridge oxidizing paint
Langridge verdigris base
Langridge rust base
Paint prushes


-Research 2 sculptors that use metal or geometric shapes

-Create 3 thumbnail sketches (in visual diary) of various angles, considering careful construction of pieces. Include any visual reference

Note: Make sure design is balanced and will sit comfortably

-Cut appropriate pieces and glue together with hot glue gun

-Paint with white acrylic paint

-Dry and apply base (rust)


-Apply oxidizing patina to create metal look

St Bedes College, Mentone
Suitable for level 8