3D Mosaic Tortoise Sculpture

In this lesson students will explore the mosaic process in creating a 3D sculpture. Students will use a poly ball as an armature and use potato clay to model a shape around the ball. Students will then use magiclay to cover an area of their sculpture and stick mosaic tiles into the Magiclay before painting the rest of the sculpture with watercolour.

Lesson 1

Students explore different mosaic works from a variety of artists (Pamela Irving, Valeria Ercolani, Bruno Zenobio, etc). Discuss the shapes and forms of the artworks and aesthetic qualities of a mosaic.

Students design their own 3D mosaic piece using a poly ball as the base of their sculpture. This could be inspired by nature, animals or mythical creatures. Students draw out their design and annotate how they will use mosaic tiles in their work.

Lesson 2

Students use potato clay over their poly ball to create their 3D form. Model and join different features to your armature.

Lesson 3

Students add magiclay to their work and press Plastic mosaic tiles into it to attach them.

Lesson 4

Students complete their design by adding watercolour paint.

What you’ll need:

Potato clay
Poly Ball
Plastic Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic Cutter
Spray Mister

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: 3D Mosaic Tortoise Sculpture