3D Abstract Paper Movement Sculpture

In this lesson students will explore the artworks of Jackson Pollock and discuss Abstract art. Students discuss the art elements of line and movement before working with paper strips to create an abstract paper sculpture. Students will fold and cut paper strips and paste them down on to paper to create different 3D lines in a finished artwork.

Lesson 1

Discuss the artworks of Jackson Pollock as a class. Describe the artworks, where can students see the element of line? How is movement created in the work? Explain what abstract art means and how this is different from a realistic artwork.

Students create their own abstract artwork focussing on line and movement. Show students how to fold and cut the paper strips to form the basis of their work.

Students choose their own coloured strips to fold and cut. Once their strips are ready students can paste down their papers changing the angles and the line of the paper as it moves across the page.

Students fill their page with paper strips and experiment with the movement of line.

What you’ll need:

Cover Paper

Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: 3D Abstract Paper Movement Sculpture