Steampunk Rust Base Collage

In this video we explore the style of steampunk and create a collage that incorporates a rusted finish.

To begin we create the base of our collage by layering pieces of card and corrugated board. We build further depth by adding cogs and gears, beads, poly shapes and paper form it to make the base look like a panel from a machine. We take into consideration the composition of the work when constructing our collage.

We allow our collage to dry and paint over the first layer for our rust base. We paint two layers of the base to ensure our entire collage is covered. We allow the layers to dry before adding the Patina to activate the rust base.

Once the Patina has reacted with the rust base it will create a genuine rust finish. This will make the overall look of the work seem old and create a unique texture.

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Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Steampunk Rust Panel

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