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Van Gogh inspired Dip Pen Sunflower Drawing

In this lesson students explore the work of Van Gogh and his pen and ink landscapes. Students create their own Van Gogh inspired Dip Pen Sunflower drawing by using a dip pen and coloured ink. Students attempt to create a similar style to Van Gogh’s paintings using pen and ink.

Lesson 1

Students compare and contrast one of Van Gogh’s painted works to one of his pen and ink works. Describe the shapes, lines and textures in each work. Show students a dip pen and how to use it. Students practice drawing with the pen ensuring they work with even pressure, press the pen down on a 45-degree angle and clean off the tip pen changing colours. Students create a sheet exploring different textures and the different sized nibs.

Lesson 2

Students draw a design for their work lightly in pencil on a piece of card. Students can use Van Gogh’s sunflower series as an inspiration for their drawing. Once students have completed their design they can start using their dip pen to draw. As they draw in each section, they should erase the pencil marks before working.

Lesson 3

Students complete their dip pen drawing.

Materials List:

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Lesson Plan:

Lesson Plan: Van Gogh inspired Dip Pen Sunflowers