Term: 1 Year: 2020



Students in Years 5 and 6 began this unit by looking at mosaic art throughout history and determining how the creation of mosaics has changed over time. Discussions were had about where students have seen mosaics as decorative art or interior decoration in locations in Australia and overseas. The students began the process of making their own mosaic by drawing a simple design on an A5 piece of paper.

They then had to transfer this design to their wooden substrate, also A5 in size. They did this by rubbing charcoal on the back of their paper and then re-tracing the design firmly with a pencil. The charcoal revealed a light transfer on the piece of wood. Students were then guided through the process and technique for creating a mosaic.

They learnt how to use mosaic tools for cutting glass tiles, how to use an adhesive to glue the tiles to their base and how to safely apply grout. Students needed to make decisions about the colour tiles and grout they used to ensure harmony in their artwork.

Year 5 & 6
Mulgrave Primary School, Mulgrave