Cardboard Sculptures

Term: 4 Year: 2019



Year 6 students from Cornish College, Bangholme used the cardboard slotting technique to create 3D forms of their chosen animal heads in these Cardboard Sculptures. They had to apply their mathematical skills and measuring to create a symmetrical form.

In Mathematics, a meaning of symmetry defines that one shape is exactly like the other shape when it is moved, rotated, or flipped.

Its recyclable properties – present if cardboard is not wax coated or chemically treated which renders it more difficult to recover – correspond to the widespread urge for perseverance and renewability of sources. Therefore, cardboard art is not always denoted as separate from other, more broadly defined art, such as green or eco-friendly, recycled, junk or art from everyday objects.

Students learnt to use the elements of art and principles of design to organize their sculpture (focus on: line, color, shape, pattern/repetition, balance, movement, and contrast).  Students learnt to identify the relationship between the tools, materials and/or techniques (slit and slot method). Students were able to solve complex compositional problems in his or her own artwork (creating slit/slot sculpture).

The Zart Student Gallery is committed to the exhibition of works by a cross-section of students, varying age, year level and diversity of needs.

Success looks different for every child.

Year 6
Cornish College, Bangholme