Magiclay Elves


Step 1. Choose two Magiclay Candy Colours (approx. 4cm balls). Roll and lightly knead the two colours together to marble.

Step 2. Mould the marbled Magiclay into a hourglass shape for the body. Form a hood shape on one end of the body for the head.

Step 3. Roll a skin coloured 2cm ball of Magiclay and squash flat. Stick to the head to form the face. Using the same method make embellishments for rosy cheeks, buttons and a pom pom for the hood. Use a thin roll of Magiclay to trim the face

Step 4. Push two Glow In The Dark Joggle Eyes into the face. The Magiclay will stick them in place.

Step 5. Cut an 8cm square piece of Patterned Cotton Fabric and tie around the neck for a cape.