Gel Printing Plate 12.7 x 17.8cm (5 x 7″)

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Monoprinting is simple, engaging and loads of fun with Gel Printing Plates! Easy to clean, and always ready for use Gel Printing plates look and feel like gelatin, but are durable, flexible, reusable and store at room temperature. Size similar to A5, 12.7 x 17.8cm (5 x 7″).

How to use Gel Printing plate (monoprinting)

Step 1: Apply acrylic paint to the plate. Then use a hard roller to evenly cover the plate with paint.

Step 2: Use soft tipped tools, e.g. cotton buds, paint brushes or soft rubber tipped tools/stamps, to make marks in the paint.

Step 3: Press your paper firmly down on top of the plate.

Step 4: Peel back paper to reveal your monoprint. It is not necessary to clean the plate between prints!

How to clean your Gel Printing Plates

It’s not necessary to clean the plate between prints, but when finished, use mild soap and water to remove any paint residue. It is best to place the plate on a non-porous barrier such as acetate, baking tray or piece of glass while printing. Use soft tipped tools when making marks into paint. Store flat in the original packaging. When making marks into paint. Store flat in the original packaging.

Gel Printing Plates Extension Ideas

Stencils & Stamping: Place objects such as sequins, string or leaves onto the plate to make marks, or leave them there to create a stencil. Use cotton filters, patterned rollers and stampers, laser cut stencil paper, and catalyst silicone blades to create amazing patterns. Craft foam can be used to create your own stamps.

Mixed Media: Final prints can be enhanced with watercolour or acrylic paint. Posca markers or gel pens can also be used to embellish certain areas. Cut up prints and use as collage paper.

Masking: Use liquid masking fluid to block out patterns, shapes or designs on your paper before pulling a print. Use multipurpose or Ezy-Cut stencil paper to mask larger areas.

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