Foam Stencil Stampers 9s

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Product Code PT131

These multipurpose Foam Stencil Stampers are great for all ages and skill abilities. Their simple design makes them easy to hold, use and clean. Each stamper has a mushroom shaped foam head, and a short round wooden handle. This stamper set includes three assorted sizes: 2cm, 3cm, 4.5cm, designed for detail and large work.

Foam Stencil Stampers are great for painting, decorating, collage and papercraft. Quickly and easily stamp out dots and circles, or create patterns that cover small and large areas.

When painting with a stencil, we recommend using a Foam Stencil Stamper (also known as a Pouncer). For best results, hold the stamper in an upright position, then repeatably dip the foam end into the paint (rotate stamper as you go to apply an even distribution of colour onto the head). To apply the paint to the stencil, again hold the stamper in an upright position, and then dab the colour onto the surface – do not push the paint as it may cause edges to bleed.

NB: Always clean Foam Stencil Stampers after use to avoid paint from clogging in the foam.

This set of 9 (3 of each size).

Zart Art School Catalogue page: 152