Dry Felting Needles 7’s

Dry Felting Needles 7’s

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Dry Felting Needle with a sharp barbed end, used in the creation of 2D and 3D dry felting projects. Use felting needle in an upright position, and with an up and down agitating action the barbed needle pokes through the wool which causes the fibres to interlace and bond together (felt).  Always use with thick dense foam or a dry felting brush underneath work to prevent skin pricking. NB: Work needle upright not slanted to avoid breakage. Instruct students on the correct way to use these needles to prevent mishaps. Keep your fingers out of the path of the felting needle! Pack of 7 needles

How to Dry Felt

Step 1: A high density felting foam sponge is essential along with a dry felting needle.

Step 2: Place a Felt Sheet on top of the Felting Foam, ready to dry felt with Merino Wool Tops or Crafting Combed Wool.

Step 3: To pull the wool apart, hold hands approximately 20cm apart and gently pull. The ends should be wispy.

Step 4: Place the wool on the Felt Sheet and firmly direct the Dry Felting Needle all the way through to the Felting Foam. Always keep needle upright, not slanted.

Step 5: Move the wool in the direction you would like the dry felting to follow, using quick pricks of the needle to fix in place. Lift felt from foam every so often to loosen it.

Step 6: Continue to fill the design, introducing new colours as you wish, layering and blending them as you go.

Step 7: Once your dry felting is complete you can display the artwork.

Dry Felting Extension Ideas:

Embellish: Add embellishment to wet felting projects.

Shading: Experiment with tone and shading.

3D Felt Character: Make 3D felt characters easily, by building up the form, layer upon layer.

Hat Making: Create a range of different hats and 3D projects.

Zart Art School Catalogue page: 166