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St Lucia

Advent/Christmas in Sweden celebrations begin on the 13th December when it is St Lucia Day. St Lucia was said to be a little girl who helped those in need. Today in Sweden, a Lucia – Queen of Light, is chosen from each home or community. She is dressed in a long white gown, a red sash around her waist, and on her head, a crown of evergreen with candles attached to it. Leading a procession of attendants (other children) she distributes free food and drink; ginger biscuits, rolls, coffee and mulled wine (gloog) and sings traditional Lucia carols.

Suitable for:

Primary levels


Wooden Bead Natural 20 / 25mm, Tinsel String Clear, Tinsel Stems Silver, Glitter Pom Poms 18mm, Glitter Pom Poms 12mm, Metallic Yarn Silver, Cellophane Iridescent, Beads, Cardboard Cone 120mm, Chromacryl White Paint, Cardboard White, Supertac or Craft Glue & PVA

How to Make St Lucia:

The Body

1. Paint a Cardboard Cone with white Chromacryl.

2. Fold a Tinsel Stem in half and thread the fold through the 20mm Wooden Bead until 5mm pokes through and fold this out over the top of the bead. These form the two arms.

3. Push two separate Tinsel Stems through the same bead, and fold 5mm of each stem out over the top of the bead. These form the two legs.

4. Thread the two legs through the neck of the cone and glue the top of the cone to the bottom of the bead.

5. Cover the cone with Supertac and wind the Clear Tinsel String around the cone until it is completely covered.

6. Use Supertac or Craft Glue to stick small beads around the base and neck of the cone.

7. Glue two small Glitter Pom Poms for the hands and two larger Glitter Pom Poms for the feet.

The Head

1. Tease out lengths of Silver Metallic Yarn and glue these onto the top of the bead.

2. Glue on beads to create a crown on top of her head.

The Wings

1. Cut five or six rectangles (approx. 15 x 8cm) from Iridescent Cellophane and randomly cut out triangles from both ends of each rectangle. Place each rectangle on top of each other and tie a length of Metallic Yarn around the middle of them to bind them together.

2. Glue the middle section of the wings to the back of the bead where it meets the cone.


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