Mask Activity

Tribal Mask

Suitable for:

Primary/Secondary Levels


Brown Kraft Card, Cardboard Cylinders, Masking Tape, Cardboard Cones, Hessian Natural, Chromacryl Paint Brown, Wooden Beads Oval 14 x25mm, Jute, Raffia, Cane, Hot Melt Glue Gun, PVA & Plastic Containers

How to Make a Tribal Mask:

1. Cut an oval shape approximately A3 out of Brown Kraft card.

2. Cut three slits in to the top of the oval and three slits at the bottom.

3. Fold and staple the slits over each other to create a rounded shape to form the base of the mask. To support this form fill it with scrunched up newspaper.

4. Build up the features of the mask with plastic containers for the eyes, cylinders of card for the nose and rolls of newspaper for the eyebrows and lips. Use Masking tape to attach these to the mask base.

5. Cut up many squares of Natural Hessian approximately 6cm square.

6. Make up a solution of PVA and water (60% PVA and 40% water) and dip squares of Hessian into the solution. Wring each piece through the fingers and lay them on to the mask base. Overlap the pieces of Hessian until the entire mask is covered. Set aside to dry on a piece of plastic sheeting.

7. Wind Jute and Raffia around a couple of Cardboard Cones and secure the ends with glue.

8. Wind Armature Wire around rolls of newspaper and then cover the roll by winding Raffia or Jute around them.

9. Bundles of Raffia may be tied to lengths of Cane for decoration.

10. Use a Hot Melt Glue Gun to glue the cones and rolls to the Hessian mask to create the tribal mask.

11. Fringe two squares of Brown Hessian and glue these on for eyelashes.

12. Paint two circles of brown paint on for the eyes and glue wooden beads down the nose.


















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