Australian Art Activity - Melbourne

Luna Park - Construction

Suitable for:

Primary levels


Zart Paper Magiclay, Polyballs 25mm, Corrugated Cardboard A4, Papier Mache Book, Chromacryl Paint, Fluorescent Paint, Glitter, Liquid Glitter, Supertac, Sequins Diamonds, Pearl Rice Beads, Pins

How to Make a Luna Park 3D artwork:

1. Use Zart Paper Magiclay to model a face with a wide-open mouth as a replica of the Luna Park mouth. Make the back of the face a flat surface to eventually be glued on to the painted Papier Mache book.

2. Paint the face in bright fluorescent colours and set aside to dry.

3. Paint the Papier Mache Book with Chromacryl or Vipond Paint and set aside to dry.

4. Cut a Polyball in half and glue each half on the face as the eyes, paint on the iris and pupils.

5. Cut multiple triangles of Corrugated Cardboard from small to medium size ranging from 5cm to 8 cm sides.

6. Make small slits in the Magiclay head to poke the triangles of cardboard in and around the head. Start at the back of the head with the larger triangles and poke and glue them in place around the head. Work forwards with the triangles, alternating the peaks in rows of each colour.

7. Add Glitter around the mouth and lines of Liquid Glitter around the eyes. Glue on Sequins and pin on Pearl Rice Beads around the eyes as extra decoration.

8. Glue the decorated Luna face on to the painted Paper Mache Book.

9. Create drawings or poems about Melbourne or favourite rides at Luna Park on cards which might be kept inside the book. Include information on these cards that a tourist might take away from Melbourne as a souvenir.



















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