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Islamic Lantern

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar and is known as the month of fasting. Muslims worldwide spend the daylight hours fasting and the nighttime hours praying and having ceremonial meals until dawn. After the sun goes down the streets are full of people out buying food, visiting family and friends.

The children are allowed to stay up late and go out with their lanterns to chant the ancient song of the Ramadan. Traditionally the lanterns are made from strips of tin sometimes from old tin cans. Pieces of coloured glass are inserted into the lantern frame and a candle is placed inside the lantern. Look at and discuss the geometric patterns that characterise Islamic art. Seldom are two designs exactly alike, the star created by the division of a circle is often the chosen motif for Islamic decorations.

Suitable for:

Primary levels


Embossing Foils, Newspaper, Permanent markers, Geometric designs, Craft Glue, Low melt Glue & Ribbon Straw

How to Make a Hanging Lantern:

1. Ask the students to create their own geometric patterns on paper first until they come up with a design they like.

2. Cut a rectangle of Embossing Foil approximately 10 x 44 cm and score it into 4 x 10 cm squares, leaving 4 cm for the overlap at one end.

3. Lay it on a wad of newspaper and place the drawn design over the first section of Embossing Foil.

4. Trace over the design, embossing the foil with the geometric pattern.

5. Repeat the shape on all four sections of the Embossing Foil.

6. Turn the strip of Embossing Foil over to reveal the 4 embossed patterns.

7. Use Permanent markers to colour in the design, make sure the colours are the same in each pattern.

8. Fold the strip into a cube shape and glue the 4 cm overlap down with Craft Glue.

9. Use the Low Melt Glue Gun to adhere Ribbon Straw on to each side of the lantern to create a hanger.


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