Easter Activity

Easter Chicken

Suitable for:

Levels/Age Group: Ages 5-8


Pom Poms 25mm, Pom Poms 12mm, Feathers, Joggle Eyes 5mm, Supertac, Paper Stripping 25mm

How to make Easter Chickens:

1. Cut out a beak, (a small diamond shape folded in half) from Paper Stripping.

2. Cut a small length of Paper Stripping, zig zag both ends and fold it in half to resemble the two feet of a chicken.

3. Glue a small Pom Pom on to a larger Pom Pom and glue on the Paper Stripping feet and beak.

4. Glue on a feather and two Joggle Eyes.

Activity Extension:

Use these techniques to create:
Birds, animals, book characters or creatures from outer space, let your imagination go.












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